About Us

JuicyBeets prides itself as being a sort of "Transition" Vegan restaurant that helps meat eaters still enjoy the familiar flavors of popular comfort foods without sacrificing flavor or texture or appearance. Their first time eating at Juicy Beets is usually met with surprise that the food is plant based and does not contain one piece of meat or dairy.

We provide a healthier and conscious alternative to foods that we have all grown to love while growing up. From our Techno Tacos, to our burgers, to our Pad Thai, to our pasta. Our menu is vast and is inspired by dishes from different parts of the world. Mexican, American, Italian, Asian.

Juicy Beets breaks the mold and stigmas that are associated with vegan food being bland and boring.

We know that eating healthier shouldn’t come at a cost or sacrifice, whether it be a sacrifice of flavor or sacrifice of a life.

Juicy Beets